12/24 UNC Misting nozzles

The 12/24 UNC misting nozzle refers to the nozzle with a connect thread of 12/24 UNC. This series of connects is standard for use with 12/24 UNC connect, such as fittings, pipe fittings, etc.
When the thread of your connector is 12/24 UNC, you also need a 12/24 misting nozzle if you want to replaced the misting nozzle.
Orifice: 006″/.15mm, .008″/.20mm, .012″/.30mm, .016″/.40mm, .020″/.50mm and other sizes in stocks.
Application: Cooling,Humidity,Dust control,Odor control,disinfection,Residential Misting,Mosquito misting,Patio misting,Dairy Farms misting,Humidification reduces the temperature, etc

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