Greenhouse misting

The greenhouse misting system atomizes the liquid into very fine droplets, providing a good temperature and humidity environment for plants to grow. Suitable temperature and humidity are important conditions for plant growth in greenhouse. The misting system can adjust the humidity and temperature in the greenhouse at any time.
Greenhouse misting

Greenhouse humidifying misting system the water mist from the high-pressure nozzle to ensure the humidity in the greenhouse and improve the growing environment of crops.
greenhouse misting system

Greenhouse misting spray system features:

1, the greenhouse misting system is characterized by fine droplets: high-pressure nozzles can produce 5 billion droplets per second. The diameter of the droplets is only 1~10μm, which is easier to be absorbed by plants in the greenhouse.
2, the greenhouse humidification misting system features reliable: high pressure micro fog humidification system host adopts imported plunger pump, can be 24 hours continuous operation, long service life, durable.
greenhouse misting system
3, the health characteristics of the greenhouse misting system: the water in the high-pressure micro-fog system is sealed, does not circulate, will not cause the growth of bacteria.

Greenhouse misting system is mainly used in agricultural greenhouses. The principle of greenhouse humidification spray equipment is to use a high pressure pump to pressurize water to 5-7mpa, and then atomize through a high pressure pipeline to a high pressure nozzle to form a very fine water mist, creating good, fresh air. The droplets evaporate rapidly, thereby increasing the air volume. Multiple functions such as humidification, reducing ambient temperature and dust removal.
greenhouse misting system
Greenhouse misting system not only has the functions of cooling, humidification, dust removal and other greenhouse operations, but also has a variety of applications such as spraying, disinfection, cleaning and so on. It has many functions in the industrial industry. The misting system has low construction cost, low operation and maintenance cost, economical and practical, and can realize unmanned automatic control. With wet curtain, fan and other cooling equipment, the effect is better. Greenhouse misting system can create fresh air in hot season, comfortable and cool greenhouse, improve greenhouse crop yield. Greenhouse humidification spray equipment is a kind of energy-saving and environmental protection products.
Greenhouse humidifying misting system

1. Advantages of greenhouse misting system

As a new irrigation method, greenhouse misting system has many advantages that traditional irrigation methods cannot match. First of all, the greenhouse misting system uses the sprinkler to atomize the water, so that the water can be evenly covered on the plant leaves and soil surface, improving the irrigation effect and water utilization rate. Secondly, the greenhouse misting system can adjust the humidity and temperature of the plant growth environment, promote the photosynthesis and growth of plants, and help improve the yield and quality of crops. In addition, the greenhouse misting system also has the characteristics of automation and intelligence, which is convenient for users to carry out remote control and management, reducing the input of manpower and maintenance costs.
Greenhouse humidifying misting system

2, the scope of application of greenhouse misting system

The application range of greenhouse misting system is very wide and can be applied to various types of greenhouses and greenhouses. For example, in vegetable greenhouses, greenhouse misting system can provide sufficient water and nutrients for vegetables by spraying water mist, and promote the growth and development of vegetables. In flower and fruit cultivation, greenhouse misting system can adjust the humidity and temperature of the plant growth environment, promote plant photosynthesis and flowering and fruit. In addition, the greenhouse misting system can also be applied to the cultivation of cash crops such as tea and tobacco to improve the quality and yield of crops.

3, the types and characteristics of greenhouse misting system

At present, the common greenhouse misting system on the market has many types, such as manual, electric, pneumatic and so on. Different kinds of greenhouse misting system have different characteristics and ranges of use. For example, manual greenhouse misting system is simple in structure and low in price, but it needs manual operation and adjustment; The electric greenhouse misting system has high degree of automation, easy to use, but the price is higher; Pneumatic greenhouse misting system spray uniform, atomization effect is good, but need to connect the air source and pipeline. Users can choose the right greenhouse misting system according to their needs.
Greenhouse humidifying misting system

4, greenhouse misting system maintenance and maintenance

In order to ensure the long-term stable operation and use effect of greenhouse misting system, regular maintenance and maintenance is essential. First of all, it is necessary to regularly check whether the nozzle, pipe and motor parts of the greenhouse misting system are working normally, and replace damaged or worn parts in time. Secondly, the nozzle and pipe should be cleaned regularly to prevent blockage and dirt. In addition, it is necessary to regularly check the power supply and control system of the equipment to ensure the normal operation and safety of the equipment.

5. Conclusion

In summary, as an efficient and environmentally friendly irrigation method, greenhouse misting system has a wide application prospect in the agricultural field. With the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of application scope, greenhouse misting system will play a more important role in the future agricultural production. Therefore, we should actively promote and apply greenhouse misting system, improve the growth quality and yield of crops, and promote the sustainable development of agriculture.

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