AC Pre-Cooling

The air conditioner cooling system effectively reduces the AC temperature, improves the AC operating efficiency, and protects the AC equipment and service life.  AC Cooling Mister can be used in personal air conditioners in homes and residences as well as in industrial air conditioning systems. 
At the same time, we also have quite a lot of cooling equipment system and accessories, you can choose the whole cooling system and choose related accessories DIY, we can provide engineers to guide the installation, maintenance, replacement and so on.
AC Pre-Cooling

The working principle of air conditioner mist cooling:

In hot weather, the high ambient temperature will affect the heat dissipation effect of the air conditioning system. The mist cooling system is used to spray the water mist to the heat sink of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner through the spray pipe and the misting nozzle. When the water mist evaporates, it absorbs heat and reduces the temperature of the outdoor unit.
ac misting system

The working principle of air conditioner mist cooling

Cooling effect:
Using the mist cooling scheme of the mist system, it can fog quickly, reduce the surface temperature of the outdoor unit in a short time, improve the heat dissipation efficiency, and help reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioning system. Reducing the outdoor unit temperature also helps extend the service life of air conditioning equipment.
AC mist cooling system installation introduction:
The AC mist cooling system is usually composed of a host, filter, high-pressure pipe, misting nozzle, and it can be installed near the outdoor unit of the air conditioner as required.
AC mist cooling system can effectively help the air conditioning system run better in high temperature environment, improve cooling efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and slow down the aging speed of equipment. Therefore, when choosing to install such a scheme, it is necessary to pay attention to the design, installation and maintenance of the system to ensure its safe and effective operation.
ac misting system

AC mist cooling system advantages:

1. High humidification efficiency, fine water mist, fast vaporization, fast humidification, good effect.
2, the spray volume is large, adjustable, with host pressure, spray quantity, model control.
3, less maintenance, can run for a long time, industrial humidifier using imported host equipment, long service life.
4, less energy consumption, only 1/10 of the traditional equipment, less cost.
AC mist cooling system applicability is more extensive, in addition to the air conditioning unit humidification, in other industrial workshops also have applications, not only humidification cooling, but also dust removal, in addition to static electricity, disinfection and dust removal.
ac misting system

AC mist cooling system installation notes:

1, the installation of the misting nozzle to choose the appropriate model, water mist particles can not be too large, to be evenly distributed, both in time to cool down, and can not wet the equipment.
2, pay attention to the mister nozzle spray should be parallel with the outdoor unit wing, it can not be sprayed directly on the above, to avoid long-term spray damage to the air conditioning.
3, the equipment should be installed water protection device, water shortage automatically shut down, reduce equipment damage.
4, choose a good quality water pipe, sprinkler.
ac misting system
AC mist cooling system saving system, in simple and popular terms, is to connect the air conditioning outdoor unit with a sprinkler device, the use of water cooling, can achieve 15-25% power saving effect.
The central air conditioning mist cooling system adopts high-pressure micro fog for spray cooling, in order to reduce the air conditioning usage overload, prevent the air conditioning host downtime, and also reduce the air conditioning load to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction
Artificial AC mist cooling system can make the production reach the best state, in order to avoid the air conditioning host downtime, and affect the use, so as to improve its production efficiency. We achieve this by using a spray humidification and cooling system. Water passes through our humidification system and is atomized into extremely fine water particles by misting nozzles into the air. These tiny water particles quickly absorb the heat present in the surrounding air, evaporating into water vapor (gas). In the process of evaporation, the heat is gradually reduced, thus achieving a cooling effect. The system is mainly aimed at adjusting the work of the air conditioner for a long time, because the relative humidity in the air is a key factor to determine the cooling, the lower the relative humidity, the faster the fog is absorbed into the air, so more heat can be absorbed to achieve the purpose of cooling. Evaporative refrigeration can be effectively used in a variety of places with cooling needs.
AC mist cooling system components: high pressure control box, pipeline, atomizing nozzle, joint, solenoid valve, filter, etc.

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