Farms misting

The farm misting system can not only reduce the temperature of the farm, so that the farm or livestock is in a comfortable temperature environment, but also can sterilize the farm, drive out mosquitoes and so on.
dairy farm misting system

Dairy farm misting system and mist nozzle all can use in cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks, sheep and other farms for cooling, humidification, disinfection, mosquito insect removal. Applicable liquids are water, disinfectant, etc.
1. Reduce the temperature quickly and stably
2. Save cost, save water consumption, save electricity consumption
3 fine mist fogging, covering a wide area
4. Easy to install and replace
5. High hardness, impact resistance, no dripping, long service life

The benefits of misting cooling in the farm


Cooling and heat dissipation:

The appropriate spray can absorb the heat in the surrounding air through evaporation to achieve the cooling effect and reduce the damage to animals due to high temperature.
 farm misting system

Disinfection and deodorization:

The farm odor is heavy, you can cooperate with chemicals, spray disinfection and deodorization of the farm environment to improve the breeding environment.

Increase humidity:

The right level of humidity is important for animal health. Too low or too high humidity can adversely affect the growth and health of animals. The spray can increase the humidity in the air, so that animals maintain a suitable living environment.
farm misting system

Control dust:

there is often a large amount of dust in the farm, which is very harmful to the health of animals. Spraying can control the dispersion of dust and improve air quality.

Increase feed nutrition:

Spray water when the feed is stored to help increase the water content of the feed, thus maintaining the nutritional value of the feed.
In summary, the installation of misting system fog lines can help improve the living environment of animals, promote growth and development, and improve the quality of feed, thereby improving the efficiency of breeding.
farm misting system

Farm misting system functions: cooling, humidification, anti-static, deodorization, disinfection, mosquito repellent


Farm misting and cooling equipment composition:

1, pump station unit: the use of high pressure ceramic piston pump to produce 7Mpa high pressure water, the use of pressure sensor and inverter to self-regulate the pressure of the pump station, can adapt to the stable adjustment of 100kg/h~1600kg/h flow, and has a variety of protection functions;
2, spray unit: precision machined copper or stainless steel micro nozzle has the characteristics of fine spray, no wear, small pressure loss. Aperture: 0.1524mm; 0.2 mm; 0.3mm, spray volume 3~4kg/h(P=7Mpa);
3, control unit: According to the needs of the project, the system uses programmable control to adjust the various state points of the system, display and control, monitor all system functions to avoid failure and display failure, when the control unit is connected to the humidity sensor or humidity sensor and the servo mechanism of the external controller, it can constitute a fully automatic system;
4, high pressure shunt valve unit: The high pressure shunt valve can achieve high pressure water control predetermined procedures and predetermined spray unit multiple water supply or drainage according to the requirements.
farm misting system

Mist cooling design features:

Stable performance, noise 36db below, simple to achieve deodorization, humidification, cooling and other functions, convenient and durable, low operating costs, strong adaptability, no special requirements for water quality, water pressure, spray out of the water mist no secondary pollution, large spray volume and long range, small fog particles, uniform atomization, anti-blocking, no maintenance, simple operation, power on, water can be used, easy to adjust, Applicable to all site requirements. Support water and power protection, knob switch.

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