How to choose the right misting system?

Misting system, namely high pressure spray system, is a bright element of landscape frequently contacted in landscape design industry. The raw material of fog effect is water, and fog is safe and harmless. The fog effect is often combined with rockery, water features, plants and sculptures to make the landscape bright and play the role of fresh air.
 right misting system

First、 How to choose the right misting system?

Misting system is mainly divided into landscape type and functional type. According to the needs of the project, first categorize accordingly. If the project needs landscape and spray baking atmosphere, you can choose the landscape lighting spray of ruby firing pin nozzle; If the project is cooling or dust removal, you can choose the functional spray with anti-drip sprinkler head.

Two、 Misting length measurement

Once the misting system corresponding to the classification has been selected, the misting length of the item must be calculated. Generally speaking, the size of the main body model of the misting system depends on the number of sprinklers, the more sprinklers, the larger the main body model. The misting belt is arranged in a linear manner, the misting effect distance of each nozzle is about 4~5 meters, the nozzle is wired with point, and the misting effect is covered by wire. Therefore, when we calculate the fog platform size, we only need to measure the length of the fog platform. misting adopts stainless steel high-pressure interval pipe arrangement, and is connected with stainless steel direct single spray base and jacket. Different numbers of bases are placed according to the requirements of fog effect concentration. If the desired misting effect is very strong, you can choose a distance of 30~50cm to place the nozzle base; if the desired misting effect concentration is very low, you can choose a distance of 50~100cm to place the nozzle base.
 right misting system

Three、Misting flow calculation

When the length of misting belt is measured, the number of nozzles can be basically determined (number of nozzles = effective misting length, nozzle spacing) after the nozzle spacing is reasonably allocated according to the required requirements. If the number of nozzles is available, the flow rate required for the entire misting can be calculated from a single flow rate. Total flow = number of nozzles x calculation of single flow. For example, if the effective misting belt length is 100 meters and the nozzle spacing is 0.5 meters, the required number is 200.

At this point, the selection of misting range is basically completed, and related additional configurations can be added according to the owner's requirements. The host of misting system is an intelligent automatic control system, which can be operated on mobile phones or other platforms by setting automatic start and stop time or adding remote control module as required. Alternatively, add sensor modules that provide real-time monitoring feedback and automatically adjust based on detected field data.