What are the composition and characteristics of high pressure mist spray humidification system

The high-pressure mist spray humidifier system consists of dry mist humidifier, high-pressure mist spray control component, high-pressure mist spray system installation component, gas/water pipe, humidity detection device, and water quality filter device.
mist spray humidification simulates artificial water mist to increase ambient air humidity and achieve the purpose of increasing humidity.
mist spray humidification system
The purpose of mist spray humidification is to artificially create fog through the mist spray humidification system. The particle size of this water mist is very small, and it can float in the air. The fine micro fog floating in the air for a long time achieves the effect of humidifying the surrounding air, and does not wet the materials and walls.
Workshop high-pressure mist spray humidification system not only plays a role in humidifying the ambient air, but also plays a certain cooling effect, anti-static effect (when the humidity is high, the generation of static electricity is reduced), dust removal and dust suppression.
The hV mist spray humidifier combines the comprehensive characteristics of mobile type and suspension type. It can be hung on the wall or put on the ground for direct mist spray humidification. Ultrafine particles (5-10 micron) will not be mist sprayed, and the mist spray distance will be long and the atomization will be uniform.
The model is a high-tech energy-saving practical humidifier, using the international advanced centrifugal atomization technology, large humidification and long range, can be 0-50kg /H to adjust the amount of fog, can be in different seasons to use hot and cold water to increase temperature and humidification, in summer can prevent heat 6-8 degrees Celsius, ventilation and humidification can be selected respectively. Especially suitable for humidity (> 60%RH) direct humidification environment, can be automatically humidity control, humidification capacity, high efficiency, anti-clogging, maintenance free, convenient and flexible operation freely, power can be turned on, no other power.
The mist spray Angle can swing at about 120 degrees, and the way of water inlet is convenient and brief. It can automatically connect with the water pipe for automatic water refill or manually add water.
 mist spray humidification system

I. Advantages of high pressure mist spray humidification system:

1, the average particle size is 7.5μm micron;
2, mist spray volume (a sprinkler head)2.4L/H, air pressure is 0.3mpa;
3, can install more than 4 sprinkler heads, and easy to install and disassemble;
4, high-quality nozzle to bring you silky feel of ultra dry fog particles;
5, suitable for small space humidification and will not wet the wall;
6, automatic operation, automatic induction of air humidity, automatic humidification at low value, automatically stop working after reaching the target humidity;
7. mist spray direction can be adjusted at will;
8, energy saving and consumption reduction, compared with other humidification system energy saving more than 50%, humidification efficiency is higher;
9, can be equipped with mobile accessories, no need for pipeline installation, more convenient and fast, anytime and anywhere for mist spray humidification.

high pressure mist spray humidification system

2. Mist spray humidification system nozzle characteristics:

1, the world's small, and can reach a large 9.6L/H(air pressure is 0.3mpa) humidifier with high performance;
2, quick disassembly type decomposition, convenient maintenance;
3. The mist spray humidifier nozzle can provide high-quality mist spray with mist spraying distance of more than 4M, and the humidification effect is remarkable;
4, the use of bacteria is not easy to reproduce the ultra-small water storage tank;
5, the use of high-tech not easy to block sprinkler head;
6. Automatic control through timer and controller;
7, if equipped with pure water processor, there is no need to clean the humidifier.

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