Advantages of high pressure misting spray system

The high pressure misting spray system has the following advantages:

1. High pressure misting spray system can save resources
high pressure misting spray system equipment will be water misting, not only can be sprayed on a large range, and the hovering time of water mist is extended, so that the air humidity increases, can effectively reduce the occurrence of dust, no longer need the sprinkler, save a lot of manpower, material resources and water resources;
 Advantages of high pressure misting spray system
2. High pressure misting spray system can effectively solve the problem of floating dust in the air
Traditional pavement spraying can reduce the dust flying, but can not reduce the content of floating dust in the air;
3. Low comprehensive cost of high pressure misting spray system
Because of the use of spray nozzle to atomize water, so high utilization rate of water resources, less water consumption, low cost after use, and low maintenance costs;
4. No secondary pollution occurs in the high pressure misting spray system
When spraying with high pressure misting spray system, water is not easy to control, so sometimes there will be water problems, resulting in secondary pollution. However, spray equipment adopts spray mode, atomized water will not produce aggregation, so secondary pollution will not occur.
5. Can be stepless adjustment, in the flow range of arbitrary configuration of the number of nozzle.
Micron precision combination filter can filter rust, sand, twine, raw material belt, colloid and other solid particles in water, to solve the blockage of the nozzle. The use of matching water softener can prevent the occurrence of "white powder" phenomenon, can protect the equipment from corrosion.
6. Spray operation cost is very low, atomizing 1 liter of water only needs to consume 6W power, is one percent of the traditional electric humidifier, is one tenth of the centrifugal or gas-water mixed humidifier.
7. The water of the high pressure micro mist spray equipment is sealed and non-recycled, which will not lead to the propagation of bacteria.
8. What problems should we pay attention to when using high pressure misting spray machine?
1. The first thing to pay attention to is that if the operating pressure of artificial fog is lower than 80psi, please check whether the water supply is enough, whether the filter is obstructed, whether the pipeline is leaking, whether the nozzle is worn, and eliminate its possible conditions.
2. Check frequently when working with artificial fog, when operating pressure is higher than 100psi.
9. Economical and practical, can realize unmanned automatic control.
High pressure misting spray and dust removal system has significant advantages in applications: mine, thermal power plant, iron and steel metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, chemical weaving, plastics 5 green environmental protection: pure physical water as a good method. No secondary environmental pollution will occur in the process of removing harmful substances, energy saving health: fast removal effect, low power consumption, health contains a large number of oxygen ions high degree of automation: the system is operated by full-time staff. But through automatic shutdown, complementary control and protection functions to achieve the purpose of ensuring the removal effect, and the origin of the general removal machine is the purification solution after two collection. The dust removal fan used in the workshop can make the dust be well absorbed and the working environment of the workers more good and healthy. It is a very good workshop equipment at present.
High pressure  misting equipment will use the high pressure  misting host machine will be carefully atomized, landscape garden fog and then transferred to the atomizing nozzle system. The road is foggy. The droplets emitted by the spray system can take away the heat of the local environment and increase the humidity of the air at the same time. The raw water after water treatment and the  misting effect generated by the high pressure micropore impact can produce a large number of negative ions with air vitamins, which can establish the forest oxygen bar in the city alone, improve the air quality and good physical and mental health. By filtering and purifying the water, the spray after water  misting enters the air, causing dust and suspended particulate matter in the air to be covered by droplets and inclusions formed by the spray, and the weight of the grain decreases instead of rising, which not only ensures the high humidity of the environment, but also creates a healthy and pleasant environment. The landscape gardens create fog and provide visitors with fresh, pure, moist air. Fog is not only light and beautiful, ethereal, but also clear, good long.
The probability of nozzle blockage is greatly reduced. Garden water mist system through the filter purification treatment of water by cold fog equipment pressure to 45-70 kg of pressure. Then the high pressure water is transported by the pipeline to the fine high pressure nozzle  misting, and the micro-pore high pressure impact  misting is used to make the water molecules suspended in the air in tens of millions of 1-5 micron fog molecules. With the morning fog? . Landscape fog: Water fog system in the park can attract a large number of visitors, can increase the curiosity of tourists, more can give scenic spots to add a beautiful scenery line. On a hot summer's day, the cool fog comes and makes people feel cool. The e fog can produce a lot of negative oxygen ions, which can make the air more fresh and moist, but also make the tourists happy.
While beautifying the environment, artificial fog can produce a large number of negative ions, making the content of one hundred thousand to five hundred thousand per milliliter of air, 1000 to 5000 times of ordinary urban residential areas, can effectively improve people's living environment. Not only can you watch in the distance, experience the looming mystery, Bridges and water, green trees and red flowers, clouds around...... , relaxed and happy. More can be in the vast sea of fog, breathing moist fresh air, such as fantasy like fairyland, fantastic. The sun sets off the enchanting scenery. Let people really experience the return to nature relaxed and happy, reflecting the scenery by man-made, natural scenery concept artificial fog equipment 1. The impact ruby nozzle is selected, the fog is large, the fog is finer, and the overall drift of the fog can be realized. The effect is much better than that of the centrifugal nozzle. 2. Choose imported original industrial plunger pump. Continuous operation, long life. 3. The fog solves the problem of high noise of the plunger pump, the equipment runs stably, and the service life is several times that of the same kind.