high pressure misting system for cooling apartment air conditioning systems

Background description:
In an apartment project, the wind direction of air conditioner A and air conditioner B intersected at 90 degrees, and the hot air discharged by air conditioner B was blocked by the hot air discharged by A, while the distance between air conditioner A and the wall was only 1.5 meters, and the hot air discharged by air conditioner A was blocked by the wall, so the heat of the two air conditioners could not be discharged smoothly. Therefore, a high temperature zone is formed in area C, which leads to too high intake temperature of air conditioning and too much energy consumption of air conditioning. In extremely hot conditions in summer, it may even lead to the condition of no refrigeration of air conditioning. The apartment property found Mattel spray, hoping to use spray cooling method to improve the situation.
 misting system for cooling apartment air conditioning
After detailed communication and in-depth understanding with the customer, the technical staff of Mattel Spray decided to use high pressure spray technology to humidize and cool the main engine of the air conditioner to improve the performance of the air conditioner, save the cost of electricity and water resources, and effectively improve the above problems.
High-pressure spray humidification system works by using industrial plunger pumps with filtered clean water, pressurizing the air conditioning water to 7 MPa, and finally sending it to the nozzle of the pipeline for atomization. When the water is sprayed, each drop is about 10μmm to 15 um in diameter. The water mist will exchange heat and humidity with the air at the air inlet of the air conditioner to achieve the purpose of cooling.
Through the efforts of the Mattel Spray technical team, we finally achieved the following goals:
1. It can effectively reduce the outside temperature of the air conditioner by 5-15 degrees
2. Spray efficiency is 100%, no condensation, no dripping
3. Convenient control, unattended, save electricity, save water, save money, safe and reliable
4. The installation of pipe fittings is beautiful and neat, and does not affect the appearance of the apartment